2004 Ohio Buckeye

Destiny Bey Shah - 1st plase (Yearling Filly), and Junior Champion Filly

Mystic Chall - Second plase (Yearling Filly)

Legacy Sonata - 1st plase (2 Year Old Filly) and Reserve Junior Champion Filly

TF Miss Brazil - 1st  plase (3 Year Old Mare) and Reserve Grand Champion Mare

GKA Golden Melody - 1st plase (Mares Five and Over) and Grand Champion Mare
1st in Class JTH - Grand Champion JTH

Magnetik Bey - 1st plase (3 Year Old Gelding) and Grand Champion Gelding
1st plase ATH - and Grand Champion ATH

Tequilla Rose - 1st  plase ( Yearling Half Arabian)
1st  plase (yearling Half Arabian JTH) and Grand Champion JTH