Magnum Psyche

Magnum Psyche

At the heart of humankind’s romance with the horse is the image of a glorious Arabian stallion, a creature of indescribable beauty that represents our most deeply cherished freedoms. Magnum Psyche epitomizes this vision. An undeniable gift from God, a paradox in the most elemental sense, Magnum mirrors the love and the liberty, the strength and the gentleness toward which we travel on this road of life.

So what makes Magnum worthy of such high praise?

“First of all,” says leading Brazilian breeder, Polé Levy, “it’s a rare and wonderful thing to run across a horse of Magnum’s stunning beauty and conformational perfection. But when such a horse turns out to be a great sire, invariably stamping his offspring with his own finest qualities ~ well ~ that’s just not too far short of a miracle.”

And then, of course, there’s his virtually unparalleled record... Join us, won’t you, for a look at the miracle that IS Magnum.

Year Foaled 1995
Gender Stallion
Color Chestnut
Breeding Purebred Arabian



*Fausto CRH
*Fausto CRH Magnum Psyche × FHF Xantal
*JJ Cohiba
*JJ Cohiba Magnum Psyche × Navia HCF
*Justa Magnum
*Justa Magnum Magnum Psyche × S Justatinkerbell
*Van Gogh AM
*Van Gogh AM Magnum Psyche × Ynazia HCF
Angel Eyes TM
Angel Eyes TM Magnum Psyche × Ames Mirage
Angel Eyes TM
Angel Eyes TM Magnum Psyche × Ames Mirage
CR Lilly
CR Lilly Magnum Psyche × Navia HCF
Fantastica HVP
Fantastica HVP Magnum Psyche × Taamara HVP
HLP  Marquis
HLP Marquis Magnum Psyche × Duchess of Marwan
JJ Argentino
JJ Argentino Magnum Psyche × JJ Argentina
JJ Fantasia
JJ Fantasia Magnum Psyche × Gigi Jubask
JJ Porcha
JJ Porcha Magnum Psyche × Tomorrows Dream
JJ Princessa
JJ Princessa Magnum Psyche × Miss Cajun HMP
Magnum Perfecta
Magnum Perfecta Magnum Psyche × Perfecta SFI
Magnums Dark Angel
Magnums Dark Angel Magnum Psyche × Bremervale Dark Angel
Mustbe An Angel
Mustbe An Angel Magnum Psyche × It Must Be Love
Romanticaa Magnum Psyche × ML Cerra Rose
Romanticaa Magnum Psyche × ML Cerra Rose
WH Justice
WH Justice Magnum Psyche × Vona Sher-Renea



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