2013 Scottsdale Show


2013 Scottsdale Show Results

“Setting the Bar even Higher!”

Five Scottsdale Supreme Halter Champions

proudly presented by Midwest

Record Setting Success! Five Scottsdale Supreme Halter Champions proudly presented by Midwest! 2008 - DA Valentino, 2009 - Magnum Psyche, 2011 - LD Pistal, 2012 - Aria Impresario, ­and now, in 2013, the international sensation, *Pogrom!

* Magnum Psyche                                                             * DA Valentino

* Aria Impresario                                                              * LD Pistal

Now, in 2013, the International Sensation, *Pogrom

In 2013 – Team Midwest earned

31 Scottsdale Championships and Reserve Championships,

including the Scottsdale Supreme Halter Champion,

as well as 38 Top Ten Awards!


Scottsdale Season:

The Arabian horse lifestyle offers the greatest joys that life has to offer: family, friends, sharing the fun and excitement, challenges and victories of competition, and more! For the members of Team Midwest, there is no place on earth like Scottsdale and the annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show that brings together the very best of the Arabian breed and our community.

We love the atmosphere filled with excitement and expectation of the Scottsdale season. This year Midwest proudly presented our “White Diamonds Collection” of extraordinary Scottsdale contenders, super star breeding stallions, and some of the most desirable show and breeding horses on earth, including breathtaking mares and precious newborn foals.

The farm was a beehive of activity with preparations for the show, presentations of our world-class horses, and welcoming friends from around the globe who stopped in to see what’s new. For more than 30 years, Midwest has been recognized as the source for the highest quality show and breeding horses in the industry and this year, Midwest raised the bar even higher!

Among the illustrious stallions standing at Midwest, we were very honored to welcome the royally bred and international champion, *Faraa Al Shaqab  (Marwan Al Shaqab x GW Natorious Star) for Al Shaqab Stud, Member of the Qatar Foundation. *Faraa Al Shaqab was introduced to crowds of spectators throughout the event and each time he was received with grand applause and confirmed many breeding reservations from some the top breeders around the world.

*Faraa Al Shaqab

Several high profile horses were marketed by Midwest during the show including the Unanimous Champion Yearling Filly of January 1 - April 15 and Scottsdale Junior Champion Filly, Bella Vitorio ORA (Vitorio TO x Anna Marie BHF). Bella Vitorio was bred and owned by Oak Ridge Arabians. This exquisite filly was purchased by HRH Sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Crown Prince of Ajman. We wish Sheikh Ammar happiness and great success with Bella Vitorio ORA, and look forward to her great future with Ajman Stud!


Our goal at Midwest has always been to showcase and market the absolute highest quality Arabian horses. We wish to thank all our family, friends, clients and colleagues who nominated Midwest, and who voted for us in the Arabian Horse Times Readers Choice Awards! Through your generous support, Midwest was named, “2012 Marketer of the Year”!

Team Midwest at Scottsdale  – Go for the Glory!

As parents, we feel fortunate to share the wonder of the Arabian horse with our children. Those of us who were lucky enough to have grown up with horses, know firsthand the importance of the connection we shared with these unique creatures during our formative years, and we want our kids to have that same magical experience too. For those who did not have the opportunity to grow up around Arabian horses, it’s never to late to reclaim your childhood dreams and experience the joy these amazing creatures bring to our lives.

The Scottsdale show was jumpstarted by all the energy of the youth and junior handlers. Miss Emma Boggs and Colton Jacobs brought Midwest the first championship ribbons of the show with stellar performances with their purebred and half-Arabian champions. The pride and joy on Emma and Colton’s faces from a job well done was contagious. They are exceptional examples of great sportsmanship and we are very proud of these young equestrians!

One of the many hallmarks of the Scottsdale show is the opportunity for amateurs to enjoy and show their horses as well. Team Midwest’s amateurs demonstrated their skills and once again earned some of the top honors of the show. Midwest welcomed new owner, Lisa Burkhardt who showed her half-Arabian gelding, Safari AF, for the very first time. Lisa, being a new member of Team Midwest did an outstanding job and won our love and respect for her attitude, great smile, and team spirit!

The very talented amateur handler, AJ Marino showed his family’s colt, Dominic M (Da Vinci FM x Rosa La Valentina) to the SSS Classic 2 Year Old Colt ATH Championship. This handsome colt was also the 2012 Scottsdale Champion SSS Yearling Colt. This year, AJ also showed the lovely Victoria Principal M (Vitorio TO x Diamond of Versace), also bred and owned by the Marino family, to Scottsdale Top Ten SSS Classic 2 Year Old Arabian Filly ATH. These two champions exemplify the high quality produced by the Marino’s breeding program. We also congratulate them on the sale of Dominic M and wish his new owners, Estancia Las Rosas Arabes, the best with him in their beautiful country of Uruguay.

Donny Morse earned Team Midwest’s MVP this year. Donny showed the exciting young stallion Vegas DPA (EF Kingston x Angelina DPA), and was Champion Arabian  Stallion 5 Years & Older AAOTH and Grand Champion Senior Stallion AAOTH. Donny also showed The Big Bopper ORA (Vitorio TO x She Be Adiva KBS), bred and owned by Oak Ridge Arabians, and was Champion Half-Arabian Yearling & 2 Year Old Gelding AAOTH and Grand Champion Half-Arabian Junior Gelding AAOTH. There’s no doubt that Big Don was smiling down on his son!

A highlight for many of us watching the show came on Valentines Day when Dan and Maureen Grossman showed against each other in the Junior Colt Championship. It was deep, fierce and fun competition and of course everyone was cheering for Maureen! She emerged on top showing Comet SRA (Calvintino SRA x CoCo Calypso SRA) to the Reserve Junior Champion Arabian Colt AAOTH. The Grossmans bred and showed another Scottsdale winner: Foxford SRA (DA Valentino x Magnums Glamourgirl C), who was Second Place Arabian 2 Year Old Colt AAOTH. Dan and Maureen Grossman have been great friends and clients for more that 25 years. They set the example of a truly great, devoted and fun-loving family living the Arabian horse dream.

Amateur owner Glenna Weegens and her beautiful mare, Beni TG, (DA Valentino x Rohara Mademoiselle), were big winners at the show earning the titles of Unanimous Grand Champion Half-Arabian Mare AAOTH and Champion Half-Arabian Yearling & 2 Year Old Filly AAOTH. Beni was also Champion Half-Arabian 2 Year Old Filly, Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Junior Filly, Champion Half-Arabian Filly & Mare JTH and Grand Champion Half-Arabian Filly 3 Years & Under JTH!


New Levels of Excellence!

At Midwest we strive to assist and support our clients in making their dreams come true; often those dreams come to life in the form of beautiful newborn foals. The breeding programs that our clients have established with foundation mares and stallions from Midwest, have produced some of the most successful champions of this year’s Scottsdale show. We are extremely proud and happy for our clients and their achievements.

Oak Ridge Arabians have become very respected and admired by breeders, owners, judges and trainers. Their breeding program soared to new heights with all of their purebred and half-Arabian champions of this year's Scottsdale show!

What do all these champions have in common? Well, in addition to being bred by Oak Ridge Arabians, they are all sired by Five Time National Champion, Vitorio TO (Da Valentino x Sol Natique). Vitorio is only five years old, yet in his first foal crop he sired the 2012 Scottsdale Champion Filly and BIG money winner Victoria Principal M, owned and bred by the Marino family, and the 2013 Scottsdale Champion, The Godfather ORA, owned by Rich and Justine Goodrow. In his second foal crop, Vitorio sired the Unanimous Champion Arabian Yearling Filly and Scottsdale Junior Champion Filly, Bella Vitorio ORA. Vitorio is the youngest stallion to sire one of the “Big Four” Champions at the 2013 Scottsdale show.

Vitorio has more than 50 foals due in 2013, but more important than the number of foals is the quality of the foals. The mark of a great horse may be the number of national and international titles he earns, but the mark of a great stallion and sire is the number of titles earned by his offspring. Vitorio is well on his way to making history as one of the most important young sires in the breed. Congratulations to his owners, Janey Morse and Oak Ridge Arabians and to his breeders, Ed and Maureen Horton of Thirteen Oaks Arabians!

The Arabian horse is famous for its versatility and Team Midwest is just as versatile! We enjoy showing in both the halter and performance divisions. This year, Emma Boggs and *Fahrenheit AJR (Second Chall x  Fascinee LUD), earned a Top Ten in the Arabian Western Pleasure JOTR 14-18. Congratulations Emma on your first show with *Fahrenheit! We are so proud of you!

It’s easy to see where Emma Boggs gets her good looks and riding skills, they come from her mother, Terry Anne Boggs, a talented and beautiful equestrian. Terry Anne rode Jake onthe Rocks CB (Jake Jamaal JCA x DAR Nuba), to a Top Ten in the Scottsdale Signature Maturity Western Pleasure ATR. Congratulations to Terry Anne! No matter if she is riding in Country English Pleasure, Show Hack, or Western Pleasure – her grace and sportsmanship make her a star!

From Our Hearts - Thank you!

Sharing our love of the Arabian horse has brought many special people and special horses into our lives. One of the most exotic, powerful and noble stallions to ever be a part of the Midwest breeding and show programs is the Polish National Champion, *Pogrom, sired by OR Marc and out of the great Polish mare, Petla. *Pogrom is bred and owned by the universally respected Stadnina Koni Janow Podlaski Stud.

We were extremely excited and proud to present *Pogrom to the judges, and most important to the breeders who attended the 2013 Scottsdale show. Team Midwest was extremely honored that Dr. Marek Trela, Director of Janow Podlaski, travelled all the way from Poland to witness this historic event.

After the rain, hail and snow we endured early in the week, the day of *Pogrom’s class was very cool – but sunny. *Pogrom’s coat shimmered in the sunlight as he was led to the show arena. The brisk air invigorated him as he pranced and flagged his tail – he was controlled power – until he burst into the ring! *Pogrom’s natural charisma, towering stature and powerful movement brought tremendous cheers from the crowd. He responded proudly with extreme excitement and energy as he displayed his near perfect Arabian type and beauty.

*Pogrom was happy and confident in the ring and he showed to the judges beautifully. The class was small, but deep. We were thrilled as the stallions were called out to stand before the judges in the order which they placed the class. With each judges’ line up, our spirits soared. Judge number one’s first place pick: *Pogrom! Judge number two’s first place pick: *Pogrom! Judge number three’s first place pick: *Pogrom! It was unanimous - *Pogrom was named the Scottsdale Champion Four Year Old Stallion!

The crowd watching *Pogrom’s class was very supportive and we were overwhelmed with the many positive comments we received. Some people said they had seen the photos and advertisements of *Pogrom, but they were even more impressed with his beauty, size, refinement and motion when they saw him in person. Without a doubt, *Pogrom’s American show ring debut was a total success and won him many fans.

Sunday, the final day of the Scottsdale show always brings the exciting championship classes. We were thrilled with *Pogrom’s earlier win, but the hopes and dreams of even greater glory were hidden in our hearts. All the handlers were nervous and excited as they escorted the champions and reserve champions from the previous senior stallion classes into the arena. The seats were full and there was standing room only around the perimeter of Wendell arena that morning. Spectators were gathered three and four deep, trying to get a glimpse of the horses in the ring. The sun was shining down, making it a picture perfect morning. There was a magical energy,  a mixture of great expectations, the unspoken wishes of the spectators to see their favorites emerge victorious and the passion for the Arabian horse that brought people from all around the world together for this special, unforgettable moment.

The stallions competing for the title of Senior Champion were among the finest stallions of the Arabian breed. In fact, there were four national champions on the front line. Many spectators commented that it was the best stallion class they had ever seen at Scottsdale. The drama increased as the Reserve Champion Senior Stallion was announced, nerves were at a fever pitch, the wait was becoming unbearable and finally, the announcer called the name of the UNANIMOUS Scottsdale Champion Senior Stallion - *POGROM!

*Pogrom and David barely had time to catch their breath before they returned to the ring for their final competition. It was time for the judges to choose their supreme champion of the entire Scottsdale show. Each of the contenders that came back for the class had earned their place in center ring. They were without question the best of the best and worthy of the title. All six halter judges entered the arena to select the Supreme Halter Champion. From an amazing collection of exceptional horses including the Junior Champion Filly, the Senior Champion Mare, the Junior Champion Colt, the Junior and Senior Champion Geldings and the Champion Senior Stallion, the judges choice was clear. Five of the six judges chose *Pogrom as the 2013 Scottsdale Show Supreme Halter Champion! It was a dream come true!

*Pogrom’s Scottsdale Supreme Halter Championship title was the fifth for Team Midwest. This international champion, already a national champion in his homeland of Poland, has now become the Supreme Halter Champion of the biggest Arabian Horse show in the world, making him a legitimate superstar by anyone’s definition. So what’s next for *Pogrom? The sky is the limit!

David and Terry Anne Boggs, together with Jeff and Andrea Sloan, are responsible for leasing *Pogrom from Janow Podlaski. “We are so grateful for the opportunity and the great honor of standing *Pogrom at Midwest. It was our hope that by presenting *Pogrom at Scottsdale, a large portion of the Arabian industry would be able to appreciate and see what we see in him – his priceless heritage, his incredible beauty, his stunning structure, his bold spirit and his special character.”

“*Pogrom is a very special and unique horse. We believe he has the potential to make important contributions to the breed. We were very excited when breeders, who we greatly respect, chose to use *Pogrom for their mares. Now that his first foals have arrived, we are even more excited. *Pogrom’s foals are stamped with his same exotic type, beauty and show horse attitude.”

*Pogrom continues to stand at Midwest, however his time here in the United States is limited until he returns to Poland and Janow Podlaski State Stud. The Polish breeders are anxious to bring *Pogrom into their historic breeding programs as well. In fact, Janow Podlaski purchased *Pogrom’s Scottsdale Signature Stallion Auction breeding. We encourage all breeders to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to breed to the Polish National Champion and the 2013 Scottsdale Supreme Halter Champion!

Midwest is deeply honored to stand and represent *Pogrom. We recognize his significance to the breed and that he is an important representative of the historic Polish breeding program of Stadnina Koni Janow Podlaski Stud. We are grateful for this opportunity with *Pogrom and for the trust that Dr. Marek Trela has placed in us to care for this priceless young stallion. It was a great  pleasure to share time with Dr. Trela and witness together *Pogrom being crowned Unanimous Scottsdale Champion Four Year Stallion, Unanimous Senior Champion Stallion and Supreme Halter Champion of the show!

Dr. Marek Trela, one of the most widely respected breeders and judges in the world, has attended shows around the globe and seen thousands of horses, yet, it was evident that he was very touched by the success of Janow’s young stallion *Pogrom. “I am finally back home in Poland and still trying to recover after all the emotions of Scottsdale. It was for sure a great time for me. My time in Scottsdale was full of excitement because this was in fact the first show for Pogrom in the United States – his debut – and he never before competed against such a group of stallions! The Senior Stallion Championship class was unbelievably strong and full of multiple national champions. It was incredible!”

“I had arrived late in the evening before Pogrom’s first class and I went to him in his box at the show grounds early in the morning. I had not seen Pogrom for many months and after all this time, I found before me, not a young colt, but a STALLION. Matured, self confident, but still nice and pleasant, who is interested in everything, especially the people around him. I was very happy to see that he was happy and content.”

“Before Pogrom's class, stallions had been gathering in the front of the tent where they were to show. Of course, I was nervous and excited for the class and how he would react to all the new surroundings. Then I saw him from far away and got relaxed - Pogrom looked like this show grounds belonged to him!”

“David did a great job and let Pogrom show himself. It was a very happy day when he was named Champion of the class, but it was just the beginning of something more important. Next were the finals with much stronger competition and lots of emotions for all his team, but Pogrom did not look nervous at all. Wendell Arena is one the most prestigious places in the Arabian horse industry and winning there is something very special for every breeder. Pogrom again came alive – full of energy – perfectly shown by David, and won again! In that class, competing against those proven national champions, it was an unbelievable moment! The competition for the Supreme Championship I almost don't remember, it was like a dream. It was a great time for every member of Pogrom’s team, myself and for Janow Podlaski Stud. We all give special thanks to David Boggs and his whole team for their great management, training, conditioning and showing of Pogrom.”

“Another BIG highlight of my trip to Scottsdale was seeing Pogrom’s first foals. I only had a short, quick look at Pogrom's foals born in the USA but it was enough to be sure that we are lucky to have an important sire for Janow Podlaski and the Arabian horse breed.”

Team Midwest is a dedicated group of professional Arabian horsemen and women. Together, we share the thrill of our success and the satisfaction of a job well done. We express our deepest gratitude for the tremendous efforts of our entire team. Thank you!

Congratulations to Nate White, Rinaldo Longuini, Dagmar Gordiano, Alcides Rodrigues, Margaux Rodrigues, Andy Carroll, Meagan Katzakian, Pat McGinnis, Lyndsay Malone, Whittlee Fischer and to all of our amazing family, friends and clients that make up TEAM MIDWEST!


(QR Marc x Petla)

Unanimous Champion Arabian Classic 4 Year Old Stallion,

Unanimous Scottsdale Grand Champion Senior Stallion,

Scottsdale Supreme Halter Champion!

Bella Vitorio ORA

(Vitorio TO x Anna Marie BHF)

Unanimous Champion Arabian Classic Yearling Filly of January 1 - April 15

Scottsdale Grand Champion Junior Filly

DC Magnum Storm

(Magnum Psyche x Rohara Eclipse)

Champion Arabian Classic Gelding 4 Years & Older, JTH

Scottsdale Grand Champion Gelding, JTH

Top Ten Arabian Classic Gelding 5 Years & Older

Dominic M

(Da Vinci FM x Rosa La Valentina)

Scottsdale Champion SSS Classic 2 Year Old Colt, ATH

*Festywa ALSA

(FA El Shawan x Festyna SA)

Champion Arabian Classic Mare 4 Years & Older, JTH

Scottsdale Grand Champion Mare, JTH

Top Ten Arabian Classic 4 Year Old Mare

Vegas DPA

(EF Kingston x Angelina DPA)

Champion Arabian Classic Stallion 5 Years & Older, AAOTH

Scottsdale Grand Champion Senior Stallion, AAOTH

Second Place Arabian Classic 6 & 7 Year Old Stallion

Chantilly Lace ORA

(Vitorio TO x Raherra)

Scottsdale Reserve Champion SSS Auction Yearling Filly, AAOTH

Comet SRA

(Calvintino SRA x CoCo Calypso SRA)

Reserve Junior Champion Arabian Classic Yearling Colt, AAOTH

Scottsdale Reserve Junior Champion Arabian Classic Colt, AAOTH

Top Ten Arabian Classic Yearling Colt of April 16 - July 31

Princess Stivalia LD

(Stival x Queen Adiamonds)

Scottsdale Reserve Champion SSS 3 Year Old Mare, ATH

Beni TG

(DA Valentino x Rohara Mademoiselle)

Champion Half-Arabian Classic 2 Year Old Filly

Scottsdale Reserve Junior Champion Half-Arabian Classic Filly

Unanimous Grand Champion Half-Arabian Classic Mare, AAOTH

Scottsdale Champion Half-Arabian Classic Yearling & 2 Year Old Filly, AAOTH

Champion Half-Arabian Filly & Mare, JTH

Scottsdale Grand Champion Half-Arabian  Filly 3 Years & Under, JTH

Safari AF

(Taste Afire x Butterfly’s Kentucky Rose)

Champion Half-Arabian Classic Gelding 4 Years & Older, JTH

Scottsdale Reserve Grand Champion Half-Arabian Gelding, JTH

Second Place Half Arabian Classic 3 & 4 Year Old Gelding

The Big Bopper

(Vitorio TO x She Be Adiva KBS)

Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Classic Yearling Gelding & Colt

Scottsdale Reserve Junior Champion Half-Arabian Classic Gelding

Champion Half-Arabian Classic Yearling & 2 Year Old Gelding, AAOTH

Scottsdale Grand Champion Half-Arabian Classic Gelding, AAOTH

The Godfather ORA

(Vitorio TO x SH Sebella)

Champion Half-Arabian Classic Two Year Old Gelding

Unanimous Grand Champion Half-Arabian Gelding, JTH

Scottsdale Champion Half-Arabian Classic Gelding 3 Years & Under, JTH


*Second Place Scottsdale Winners!:


Foxford SRA

(DA Valetino x Magnums Glamourgirl C)

Second Place Arabian Classic 2 Year Old Colt, AAOTH


(Stival x Rohara Tsatinette)

Second Place Arabian Classic Yearling Colt of Jan 1 - April 15

Victorious LD

(DA Valentino x Queen Adiamonds)

Second Place Arabian Classic 4 Year Old Stallions



Truli Precious

(Trussardi x Bella Satinata)

Top Ten SSS Yearling Fillies

*Fahrenheit AJR

(Second Chall x  Fascinee LUD)

Top Ten Arabian Western Pleasure, JOTR 14-18

Jake onthe Rocks CB

(Jake Jamaal JCA x  DAR Nuba)

Top Ten Scottsdale Signature Maturity Western Pleasure ATR



Imperious NA

(El Chall WR × Promises PSY)

Top Ten SSS Classic 2 Year Old Colt, ATH

Imperor JP

(Aria Impresario x JP El Shaklanna)

Top Ten SSS Auction Yearling Colt/Gelding, AOTH

Priceless DaVinci

(Da Vinci FM x Momentica SD)

Top Ten Arabian Classic 2 Year Old Filly, AAOTH

Ppremonition LD

(DA Valentino x Ppoetry)

Top Ten Arabian Classic 2 Year Old Geldings

Star of Justice ORA

(WH Justice x Star Of Gaishea)

Top Ten Arabian Classic 2 Year Old Filly of January 1 - April 15

Supreme Justice ORA

(WH Justice x LL Albufera)

Top Ten International Arabian Breeders Classic 2 Year Old Colt

Bella Sedona

(Eupphoria x One Desyre)

Top Ten SSS Auction Yearling Filly, AOTH

Victoria Principal M

(Vitorio TO x Diamond of Versace)

Top Ten SSS Classic 2 Year Old Arabian Filly, ATH

Top Ten Arabian Classic 2 Year Old Filly of April 16-Dec 31

Vitoria LM

(Vitorio TO x LM Olivia)

Top Ten SSS Classic 2 Year Old Arabian Filly, ATH




(Eupphoria x Exquisita)

Top Ten Arabian Classic 2 Year Old Gelding