2012 United States Nationals


US National Champions and 30 US Top Ten Awards !


Aria Impresario

(Marwan Al Shaqab  x  GC Echlectica)

National Champion 6 - 8 Year Old Stallions

Reserve National Champion Senior Stallion


(KM Bugatti  x  TA  JihanaBey)

National Champion Junior Filly

National Champion 3 Year Old Filly

JJ La Baronesa

(Magnum Psyche x NV Angelica)

National Champion 4 & 5 Year Old Mares

Reserve National Champion Senior Mares

DC Magnum Storm

(Magnum Psyche x Rohara Eclipse)

Unanimous National Champion Senior Geldings

National Champion 6 - 8 Year Old Geldings

Beni TG

(Da Valentino x Rohara Mademoiselle)

National Champion HA Junior Filly

National Champion HA Yearling Filly

Anna Marie BHF

(Marwan Al Shaqab x BHF Anna Tevkah)

National Champion Mares AAOTH

Tribute Thyme SA

(PrymeThyme  x Diamond Tribute)

National Champion 4 & 5 Year Old Stallions

She's Still Jammin

(Monogramm JD x She be Adiva KBS)

National Champion HA 2 Year Old Fillies

The Godfather ORA

(Vitorio TO x SH Sebella)

National Champion HA Yearling Geldings

Reserve National Champion HA Junior Geldings

Victorious LD

(DA Valentino x Queen A Diamonds)

Reserve National Champion 3 Year Old Colts

AAS Elishahh

(Eden C  xSempre)

Top Ten Futurity Colt

Star of Justice ORA

(WH Justice x Star of Gaishea)

Top Ten Yearling Filly

Victoria Principal M

(VictorioTO  x  Diamond of Versace)

Top Ten Yearling Filly

OFW Wan and Only

(OFW Magic  Wan  x  OFW Jewelee)

Top Ten Yearling Colt

Spartacus RA

(DaVinci  FM  x  WH Julliet)

Top Ten Yearling Colt

Dominic M

(DaVinciFM  X  Rosa La Valentino)

Top Ten Yearling Colt

Princess Stivalia LD

(Stival x Queen Adiamonds)

Top Ten 2 Year Old Filly


(FA El Shawan  xFestynasa )

Top Ten 3 Year Old Filly

Kharalisa BPA

(KhadrajNA  x  Rhapsody In Gold)

Top Ten 3 Year Old Fillies

Justa Magnum

(Magnum Psyche  x  S Justatinkerbell)

Top Ten Stallions 8 & Over

Faustella ORA

(Fausto CRH+ x SH Sebella)

Top Ten HA Futurity Fillies


(Justify x (grade mare))

Top Ten HA Yearling Fillies