2012 Arabian Celebration

Midwest Presents...

A Grand Celebration in Freedom Hall.

Proudly presenting the Champions!


Aria Impresario

(Marwan al Shaqab x GC Echlectica)

Owned by: The Impressario Partners

Unanimous Grand Champion Stallion

Spartacus RA

(Da Vinci FM x WH Juliette)

Owned by: The Spartacus Partners

Unanimous Grand Champion Junior Colt

DC Magnum Storm

(Magnum Psyche x Rohara Eclipse)

Owned by: David & Terry Anne Boggs

Grand Champion Senior Gelding

Champion Gelding ATH with Emma Boggs

Festywa ALSA

(FA El Shawan x Festyna SA)

Owned by: Franco Vara

Unanimous Champion 3 Year Old Fillies

Shariff RCA

(Aria Impresario x Crysstell)

Owned by: The Shariff Partners

Unanimous Champion 2 Year Old Colt

Bronze Champion Junior Colt

Star of Justice ORA

(WH Justice x Star of Gaishea)

Owned by: Saud Abdulaziz Altajel

Unanimous Champion Yearling Filly

Unanimous Reserve Grand Champion Junior Filly

Beni TG

(DA Valentino x Rohara Mademoiselle)

Owned by: Todd & Glena Weegens

Unanimous Champion HA Yearling Filly

Unanimous Grand Champion HA Halter Horse

Anna Marie BHF

(Marwan al Shaqab x BHF Anna Tevkah)

Owned by: The Marino Family

Champion Mare ATH with AJ Marino

Bronze Champion Senior Mare

Mari Belle MP

(Marwan al Shaqab x Magic Kisses)

Owned by: Cindy McGown & Mark Davis

Reserve Champion Mare ATH with Emma Boggs

Top Five 4 & 5 Year Old Mares

Justa Magnum

(Magnum Psyche x S Justatinkerbell)

Owned by: Franco Vara

Top Five 6 to 8 Year Old Stallions

Victorious LD

(DA Valentino x Queen Adiamonds)

Owned by: Les & Diane Van Dyke

Reserve Champion 3 Year Old Colts


(DA Valentino x Ppoetry)

Owned by: Les & Diane Van Dyke

Top Five Yearling Colts

Valente LD

(DA Valentino x Queen Adiamonds)

Owned by: Les & Diane Van Dyke

Top Five Senior Geldings