2007 Scottsdale Show

Team Midwest
“Always ready to Rock!”

Seven Scottsdale Champions
Six Scottsdale Reserve Champions

17 First Place Winners
Second Place Winners
23 Scottsdale Top Ten Awards

Arabian In-Hand Geldings of 4-6 years – JTH 
TR Classic Jaayd & Alexis Acevedo Scottsdale Top Ten

Arabian Breeding/ Halter Fillies 3 & under – JTH
Magnums Angel JD & Lyndsey Boggs
First Place & Reserve Champion Mare

Arabian Breeding/ Halter Mares 4 & over – JTH
DD Crown Jewel & Courtney Boggs – 1 st Place Grand Champion Mare

JJ Magnums Diamond & Emma Boggs Scottsdale Top Ten

Magnums Julep & Brandon Valdez Scottsdale Top Ten

AW Fortune NGold & Alexis Acevedo Scottsdale Top Ten

Half Arabian/AA In-Hand Geldings 3 & under – JTH
Smarty Ames & Courtney Boggs…. First Place

Half Arabian/AA In Hand Geldings 4 & over – JTH
Shutup And Dance & Lyndsey Boggs 
Scottsdale Reserve Champion

Half Arabian/AA Breeding/ Halter Fillies 3 & under – JTH
GA Clio Dulaine & Lyndsey Boggs Second Place

Half Arabian/AA Breeding / Halter Mares 4 & over – JTH 
Ruhla & Courtney Boggs 
First Place & Reserve Champion

JRA Azul & Alyssa Baird 
1st Place and Junior Champion Colt

Dracco & Michele Culbreth - Top Ten

Arabian Yearling fillies Jan 1- April 15 AAOTH 
Mandalai Blu and Matt Hasher 1st Place

Arabian Breeding/ Halter 2 year old Fillies – AAOTH 
Ellectra SRA & Matt Hasher

Arabian Stallions 3&4 year olds AAOTH 
El Millenio & Manny Laurence 
1st Place & Champion Stallion – Unanimous

Arabian Breeding/ Halter Mares 3 & 4 years old – AAOTH 
Magnums Angel JD & Janey Morse - Top Ten

Arabian Breeding/ Halter Mares 5 & over – AAOTH 
DD Crown Jewel & Terry Anne Boggs 1 st and Champion Mare

AW Fortune NGold & Susanne Acevedo -Top Ten

Half Arabian/AA Breeding/ Halter Saddle/ Pl. Type Yearling Fillies 
GA Clio Dulaine & David Boggs 2 nd Place

Half Arabian/AA Halter Saddle/Pl. Type 3 year old Geldings
Smarty Ames & David Boggs

1 st Place and Reserve Champion 
Half Arabian/AA Breeding/ Halter Saddle/Pl. Type 
4 year & older Mares - Ruhla & David Boggs 1 st and champion mare

Half Arabian/AA In Hand Saddle/Pl. Type 4 year and older Geldings 
Shutup And Dance & Gil Valdez - 2 nd Place

Arabian Breeding/Halter Yearling Fillies 
True Desire LL & David…..1st place and reserve Junior filly

Ccover Girl & Rinaldo……Top Ten

Arabian Breeding/ Halter Yearling Colts 
Monogramm JD & David…...Top Ten

Arabian Breeding/Halter 2 yr old Fillies 
HP Martina & David Boggs…….2nd Place

Arabian Breeding/ Halter 3 year old fillies 
Magnums Angel JD & Rinaldo….Top Ten

HED Caramba & David Boggs…….Top Ten

Arabian Breeding/Halter 3 year old Colts 
A Jakarta & David Boggs……2nd Place

Arabian In Hand 3 Year old Geldings 
Nyce & David Boggs…Top Ten

Arabian In-Hand 4 year old Geldings 
TR Classic Jaayd & Jordan Simons…1st Place

S.S.S. Auction Championship Yearling Fillies –
Passion n Lace……….Top Ten

Terry Anne & Magnum Butter Fly …. 1 st Place 
Half Arabian/AA Breeding/ Halter Saddle/Pl. Type 
Yearling & 2 year old Fillies – AAOTH

GA Clio Dulaine & Jim Bedeker -Top Ten

SW One More Time & Rod Fielding -Top Ten

Half Arabian / Halter Saddle / Pl. Type 3 year & older Mares - AAOTH 
Ruhla & Terry Anne Boggs ……..1 st place

Half Arabian/AA Halter Saddle/Pl. Type 3 yr & older Geldings – AAOTH 
Smarty Ames & Lucky Lurken - 2 nd place

Shutup And Dance & Jayne Morse - 1 st place and unanimous Champion

Arabian Breeding Halter 4 year old Stallions
DA Valentino & David Boggs……1st place and Champion Stallion

Arabian Breeding/Halter 5 year old Mares 
Magnums Julep -Top Ten

Ladie Magnum - Unanimous 1st place

So Viva la Diva -Top Ten

S.S.S. Championship yearling Colts – ATH
LH Machio & Jason Tackett …..Top Ten

Arabian Breeding/Halter 6 & 7 year old Stallions
Iimagine ……..Top Ten

Arabian Breeding/Halter 8 year & older Mares
DD Crown Jewel…….2nd Place

AW Fortune NGold…..Top Ten

NNL Scandal Nashana …….Top Ten

Arabian Breeding/Halter 8 year & Older Stallions 
Almir…..Top Ten

Arabian 3 & 4 year old Geldings – AAOTH 
TR Classic Jaayd & Susanne Acevedo.....Top Ten