2006 Ohio Buckeye Sweepstakes

Midwest Presents

The 2006 Ohio Buckeye Sweepstakes Champions!

Magnums Angel JD - Junior Champion Filly AOTH

GC Maralago - Junior Champion Colt

BP Klassique Bey - Unanimous Champion English Pleasure Open
Ist Place Country Enlglish Pleasure Gentleman to Ride

LD Pistal - Grand Champion Stallion

NBW Angels Kiss - Grand Champion Mare

*Sashaa LHT - Jr. Champion Filly

GC Maralago - Jr. Champion Colt

Magnums Angel JD - Reserve Jr. Champion Filly

Magnums Angel JD - Grand Champion AOTH Mare

Smarty Ames - Grand Champion Half-Arabian Saddle Type Gelding,
Grand Champion Half-Arabian AOTH Gelding, District Champion NSH Gelding,
District Champion NSH ATH Gelding

Melissa LOA - District Champion NSH Mare & District Champion NSH Mare ATH
(pictured above and below)

ZA Premaverah - Grand Champion Half-Arabian Stock Type Mare &
Grand Champion Half Arabian Mare AOTH

SW One More Time - Jr. Champion Half-Arabian Saddle Type Filly

*Fausto - First Place 3 & 4 yr old Stallions

Magnums Julep - First Place 3 & 4 yr old Mares

Milestone Magnetic - First Place Two-Year-Old Colt & Reserve Jr. Champion Colt

The Millionaire LOA - District Champion NSH Yearling & District Champion NSH Gelding ATH

SR Forever Yours - First Place Half-Arabian Saddle Type 2 yr Filly &
Reserve Champion Jr Half –Arabian Saddle Type Filly

Pure Glory - Reserve Champion Gelding

Buckeye Top Eight Winners:

Satin Chall LL - Yearling Filly

Challina LL - Yearling Filly

Ellectra SRA - Yearling Filly

JJ Porche - Second Place  - Yearling Filly

DD Crystalline - Second Place - Two Year Filly

Magnums Glamour Girl C - Two Year Filly

LC Athina - Two Year Filly

Sir Riley MTC - Yearling Colt

Magnums Music C - Second Place - Yearling Colt

Magnetic Bey - Second Place - Geldings AOTH