2006 Iowa Gold

Midwest   Presents

Grand Champion Stallion

Grand Champion Mare
*LL Albufera

Champion Yearling Auction Filly paying $14,400
Challs Cameo LL & Lucky Lurken

Champion Yearling Auction Colt paying $14,400
Greyhawk BHF & Lucky Lurken

2006 Champion Gold Star Yearling Colt
Matrix LL

Champion Gold Star Filly Challs Cameo LL

Reserve Champion Yearling Colt paying $7,800
Magnumesque & Jason Tacket

Top Ten Yearling filly
JJ Porche

Top Ten Yearling filly
Barchallona LL

Top Ten Yerling filly
Satin Chall LL

Top Ten Filly
Legacys Rosita

Top Ten Yearling filly
Shimmering Star TA

Champion Saddle Type Gelding
Shut Up & Dance & Don Morse

Champion Mare AOTH
*JJ La Estrella & Janey Morse

Midwest Stallions
Represented in the 2006 Iowa Gold *Star Auction

Magnum Psyche,  *Magnum Chall,  *Ryad el Jamaal,  DA Valentino,  *Fausto,
Legacy of Fame,  Maximuss, Legacy of Gold,  Nations psy

Record Total Sale