2005 Canadian Nationals

Midwest Salutes the 2005
Canadian National Show Champions!

For Midwest and their extended family, The Canadian Nationals have always been a special show. It all began for the Boggs in 1973 when the then 15 year-old David, leading the family owned stallion Nitness, earned his first National Top Ten Championship. Since that banner moment, David, through the horses––his passion and his career, has piled memory upon memory, sharing triumphs too numerous to list and enjoying a deep and unique camaraderie with the family into which he was born and the added family he has chosen.

Before we dive into the tale of a stellar 2005 Canadian National Show, let’s take a quick look back at a few of the highlights from years gone by….. a nostalgic review.

Canadian Nationals, 1977
David leads his first Reserve National Champion, the Half-Arabian gelding, F.A. Zud.

Canadian Nationals 1979
David leads his first National Champion Stallion (Kaborr, owned by Tom and Deedie Wrigley Chauncey) to victory.

Canadian Nationals 1981
David leads the equine love of his life, *Padron, to the Canadian National Championship in Stallion Halter.

Canadian Nationals 1983
David leads Walter Mishek’s beautiful Bask Calonett (a granddaughter of *BASK++) to the Canadian National Reserve Championship (and later the U. S. National Championship) in Mare Halter.

Canadian Nationals 1984
David leads NH Love Potion, another *BASK++ granddaughter, to the Canadian National Reserve Championship in Mare Halter. Two decades later, this mare still holds the record as the highest price mare ever sold at an Arabian horse auction.

Canadian Nationals 1986:
David leads Amber Satin to the Canadian (and U. S.) National Championships in Mare Halter.

Canadian Nationals 1990:
Midwest sweeps the Canadian Nationals dashing off with these titles:
Canadian National Champion Stallion, Top Contender
Canadian National Champion Mare, Halana
Canadian National Champion Futurity Filly, Little Liza Fame
Canadian National Champion Futurity Gelding, Alah Garcia
Canadian National Reserve Champion Mare, SS Follow Me

Canadian Nationals 1993:
David leads Tom Chauncey’s beloved *BASK++ grandson, Kharben to the Canadian (and U.S.) National Championships in Stallion Halter.

Canadian Nationals 1994:
With David, GA Honeysuckl Rose is named Canadian National Champion Mare.

Canadian Nationals 1997
Europa El Jamaal, with David, becomes the Canadian (and U. S.) National Champion Mare.

Canadian Nationals 1998
Another pinnacle of success is reached when David leads the magnificent Magnum Psyche to the UNANIMOUS Canadian National Championship in Stallion Halter (at this point, the three year old has already had a stellar career). Two months later, just before David’s 40th birthday, Magnum will become the U. S. National Champion Stallion.

Jump forward to the Canadian Nationals, 2005 . . . another year of firsts and fabulous achievements! Highlights abound, but here are a few for openers:

Terry Anne Boggs wins THREE National Championships in Amateur Halter AND a Top Ten Championship in English!

Gil Valdez wins his FIRST National Championship with Shut Up & Dance!

Rinaldo Longuini wins his first TWO Canadian National Reserve Championships!

Travis Rice wins his first National Top Ten Championship with WH Eagle Bey!

(Jordan Simons did a lot of training and preparation for the show but was off on an air adventure, accompanying our beloved Magnum to Argentina where he’ll breed mares until his return in January. Thanks, Jordan, for taking care of our boy!)

Gil Valdez with Jordan Simons
From David and Terry Anne, a heartfelt thanks to all of our wonderful friends and to the support team without whom we couldn’t have had such an astonishing show. Special thanks to Judi Anderson and Sam Ojeda for keeping the home fires burning and to the Team Midwest members who cared for the horses in Canada:

David, Terry Anne and Olivia Boggs
Before we give in its entirety the astonishing accomplishments of Team Midwest at Canada 05, let’s hear from a few of the people who shared this year’s triumphs.

Kathy Kapell - Nat Champ AOTH Half Arabian Gelding Sparktacular

Kathy Kappel
“It made me cry.” These were the first words out of Kathy’s mouth when asked to share her 2005 Canadian National Show experience.

Kathy, who has been showing horses for 28 years, describes herself as a “one man operation,” which translates to a woman who feeds, conditions and cleans up after her own horses, and loves every minute of it!

So what was it, you may be wondering, that make Kathy cry? The realization of a nearly three decade old heart held dream. In Canada this year, Sparktakular, the Half-Arabian gelding that Kathy bought as a weanling then lovingly raised, earned the titles of Canadian National Champion Stock Type Half-Arabian Gelding AND, Canadian National Champion Half-Arabian Gelding AOTH!

National Champion AOTH Half Arabian Gelding Sparktacular

“David Boggs is the dream maker,” Kathy says. “How do you thank someone who plays such an important part in helping you achieve the dream of a lifetime? I went with Midwest to Canada hoping to enjoy myself and have Sparky win a couple of Top Tens. I never imagined the way it would all turn out.”

“While I was showing Sparky in the AOTH class, Gil Valdez leaned over the rail and told me that there were three National Champions in my class. Now that was scary. I’d been watching the quiet, dignified way Terry Anne shows her horses and I just tried to stay calm, to emulate her style. I guess it worked, although I have to say I don’t make Sparky look good. He makes me look good. What an experience!

“I want to thank not only David, but also Terry Anne and the entire Midwest family. I’ll treasure this memory forever!”

Lucky & Reagan Lurken

Lucky Lurken
“Raegan and I are blessed beyond words,” Lucky says. “You go to a horse show just like everybody else, with hopes and expectations. Sometimes your dreams come true and sometimes they don’t. But what’s been happening with Magnum Chall is just beyond our wildest dreams!

“And Canada is a GREAT place to show horses because the people there are so supportive, so kind. Whether or not you’re winning, they’re always friendly. I love it! And this year, well, what can I say?

“Our emotions about the horses are so strong, so volatile, that this can be a difficult game to play. But David and Terry Anne and all of their team keep things in perspective and help us keep smiling, even through the not so great times. I’ve had my share of disappointments in the show ring and in horse breeding. And I can honestly say that without David and our shared, extended family, I wouldn’t still be involved with the horses.”

What about Magnum Chall, who is now a double National Champion Stallion?

“He is my dream horse,” Lucky says, “the one I’ve been looking for since I first got interested in these great animals. People have asked me if he takes a back seat to his dad, since Magnum is so important to David. I just laugh. Neither David nor Fernando (Magnum’s owner) have ever let Magnum Chall be overshadowed by his sire.

“One of my all-time best memories comes from Scottsdale, 2004, when Magnum Chall was Junior Champion Stallion. After the class, when Fernando congratulated us, he had tears in his eyes . . . tears of joy because he was so blessed, so ecstatic that his stallion had sired a colt as great as Magnum Chall.

“ Thanks to David and Magnum Chall, I know how Fernando feels. We’re seeing such wonderful foals by Magnum Chall! And I’m way more excited for the people who breed their mares to him than I am for our own babies. Maybe that sounds strange, but it means so much to me to have this support from other breeders. I’m endlessly grateful.

“I’ve been blessed so much that no matter what happens now, I can only smile. And there’s one last thing I’ve got to say, if I didn’t own a single horse, had nothing at all to do with horses, David Boggs would still be one of my very best friends.”


Victor Ricigliano

“For us, the Canadian National Show was filled with highlights, but a few stand out. The first that comes to mind is when Kathy Kappel and her horse, Sparktacular, went National Champion in AOTH Halter. Lori and I have been watching Kathy for years. We’ve admired the way she raised Sparky and cared for and conditioned him herself, and believed in him. And we were really glad to see her join the Midwest family only about a month and a half before this big show. Just finding a home with Midwest is a big deal. Winning two National Championships so soon is huge.

“I always sit on the opposite side of the ring from everyone else so that I can take pictures and observe what’s going on. During the amateur classes, I’m always taken by the way David interacts with his amateurs. It’s almost as though he’s standing right next to them in the arena, helping them do what they need to do to get the best possible show from their horses. Watching him with Kathy was really touching.

“When they called out her name, tears just poured down Kathy’s cheeks. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone happier at winning. Then, the icing on the cake was when David came back into the ring with Sparky and won the open class. It was altogether wonderful.

“One of the most emotional moments for all of this big, happy Midwest family was when Gil Valdez won his first National Championship with Shut Up N Dance! It would have been great to see him earn that honor no matter who he was showing, but this was EXTRA special because he loves that horse so much!

“That was another happiest ever moment that lasted and lasted. Gil smiled so big when he won, he might have had a coat hanger in his mouth. I never knew he had so many teeth! And he kept that smile for two days at least. Everybody was really happy for him. It was great!

“Then, of course, there was Magnum Chall’s big win. Lucky and Raegan Lurken have to be among the most wonderful people in the world. They own a diamond of the breed and don’t seem to realize it. It’s amazing the way every time Magnum Chall wins they see it as a gift from God. When that horse walks into the arena, it’s like the lights get brighter. So all the rest of us expect him to win. But not Lucky and Raegan, they look astonished every time.

“At Canada, I watched Lucky pacing all through the class. Raegan sat with the rest of the Midwest family being the lady that she is. But Lucky couldn’t sit still. It was like he’d just sent one of his children to perform in his first school play. And for Lucky, it’s not about winning himself, it’s all about everyone who has bred to Magnum Chall, all of those other people who so want the stallion to do well.

These friends beautifully sum up not only this one great show, but the way of life that is Midwest. And now, to top off the tribute, the record . . .

8 National Champions

7 Reserve National Championships

18 Canadian Top Ten Awards

*Magnum Chall ............Canadian National Champion Junior Stallion

Legacy of Fame ..................Canadian Reserve National Champion Senor Stallion

Ladie Magnum..................Canadian National Champion Futurity Filly

Denali BHF................. Canadian Reserve National Champion Futurity Colt

Shut Up & Dance ..........Canadian National Champion Saddle Type Gelding Canadian National Champion AOTH Halter Gelding

Terry Anne & Nat Champ Shut Up & Dance

Pure Glory..........................Canadian National Reserve Champion Purebred Gelding Canadian National Reserve Champion Futurity Gelding

SH Sebella........................Canadian National Champion  Stock Type Half Arabian Mare

Sparktacular........................Canadian National Champion Stock Type Half Arabian gelding Canadian National Champion AOTH Gelding

Forbidden Love LL.........Canadian Reserve National Champion Two year old Filly

Magnetic Bey....................Canadian National Champion Purebred Gelding AOTH

Valentino SF....................Canadian Reserve National Champion Two Year old Gelding

ZA Primaverah................Canadian Reserve Champion Stock Type Half Arabian Mare Canadian Reserve National Champion Futurity Filly

WH Eagle Bey..............Canadian National Top Ten Halter Gelding

Magnums Julep.................Canadian National Top Ten Futurity Filly

Magnum Julep & Sally Bedeker

Magnum Julep & Owner Jim Bedeker

BP Klassique Bey........Canadian National Top Ten Country English Pleasure AAOTR